Kenmare Triathlon Club Membership

Membership to Kenmare Triathlon Club for 2015 is now open.  Your membership helps to fund the club and the various competitions and training events throughout the year. Membership is now being done online via Triathlon Ireland (see below for more details). Click here to join via the Triathlon Ireland online form.

Thank you for considering to join our club.  Here at Kenmare Tri Club you can choose to dabble in the sport by focusing on one sport as part of a relay team or you can decide to train for your first  triathlon.  We focus on having fun, meeting up on a regular basis and doing as much or as little training as you wish.

So if getting out in the fresh air or water, feeling healthier, coupled with some excitement along with like minded people sounds good then read on to see what the benefits of joining our club can do for you.

What Does Membership Get Me:

  • Scheduled training sessions such as cycle turbo training, weekly group runs, twice weekly open water swimming sessions with changing facilities and hot showers ( April – Sep)& weekly group cycles.
  • Subsidised professional coaching sessions in all three disciplines.
  • Access to club equipment (eg. cycle turbo trainers )
  • Email notification of events, event opening dates, non-scheduled training sessions, club away
  • Heavily subsidised club gear. (eg. tri suits, cycling jackets & hoodies)
  • Included in 2012 membership is the welcome pack consisting of T-shirt,water bottle, woolly hat and swim cap (subject to availability)
  • As a club member you are required to help out with the running of our own event, “The Little Bo Peep” Triathlon which is held around the beginning of August every year.  If you would like to compete in the event or are unable to help out during the day then the club requires you to find a friend or relative to take your place.  The success of this event is what enables the club to operate and make the benefits of being a member so attractive.

If you have any questions / queries regarding membership please feel free to email and we will endeavor to answer them for you.

How to Join
Becoming a member of Triathlon Ireland is mandatory for insurance purposes for all Senior and Junior members.  There are many levels of joining Triathlon Ireland ranging from Full to Junior. Here is the excerpt from the TI website:

This membership is for people who train with a club and intend to race several times during the triathlon season. You are insured for club training, and to participate in all Triathlon Ireland events, without paying a one-day-license. The cost of Full Membership is 50 Euro + 3 euro for processing & transaction fees.

This membership is for people who are involved with a club and may take part in some training sessions, but do not intend to race (or only participate in a couple of races). Although you are insured to train with a club, you will have to pay a one-day license fee each time you race. The cost of Associate Membership is 15 Euro + 3 euro for processing & transaction fees.

You have the same benefits as a full member, but you pay a reduced fee. This is only available to full time students. Proof of student status will be required. The cost of Student Membership is 15 Euro + 3 euro for processing & transaction fees.

This membership is only available to people who are 19 years old or younger on the 31 December of the year of application. Proof of age will be required (birth cert, passport). You are insured to train with a club (as long as the appropriate guidelines are followed). You are insured to participate in Triathlon Ireland children’s events. The cost of Junior Membership is 1 Euro.

When filling out the form do not forget to choose Kenmare Tri Club in the dropdown menu (as shown below):

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